Week 2 Scenarios / StoryboardingBearbeiten

Our Winner scenario is 1,2 oder 3Bearbeiten


The German Game 1,2 oder 3 is called Runaround in the UK and the US. This TV quiz show was invented in the US and first aired in1972. We take that format as inspiration for our project because we really liked to watch it as children. Now we going to brainstorm a bit more in the next week but here is a first mockup how it could basically look like:

TO DOsBearbeiten

  • Storyboard (Andrea, Daniel, Michael, Chrissi, Sarah) is posted (Andrea) still need to write description and sort out -done
  • draw second storyboard/ dentist (Daniel) -done
  • Interview questions (Daniel, Andrea) -done
  • interview questions need to be posted (Andrea) -done
  • Write down interview questions (Andrea) -done
  • ask three persons (Andrea, Daniel) -done


  • 5 minutes introducing yourselves and explain the problem you are trying to solve
  • 10-15 minutes asking them about their daily life as it relates to your application idea
  • 10-15 minutes introducing your application idea-set the scene


interview question and answers

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